Size guide

Vintage clothing sizing can be quite different from contemporary sizing standards, as clothing sizes have evolved over the years due to changes in body shapes, manufacturing techniques, and fashion trends. As a result, determining the size of vintage clothing can be a bit more challenging, but it's essential for finding the right fit.

All our products have measurements provided in centimeters and inches.
Here are some steps on how to measure them:

- Shoulder width: Measure from the edge of one shoulder seam to the other across the back.
- Chest: Measure the chest under the armpits, from one edge to the other.
- Sleeve length: Measure from the shoulder seam down to the cuff or from the armpit seam to the cuff for garments with a raglan shoulder.
- Back length: Measure from the top of the garment (neckline) to the hem.
- Waist: Measure your trousers waist laying flat from one edge to the other to determine your waist size.
- Inseam: For pants or trousers, measure the inside leg from the crotch seam to the hem.